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May 2013

Support the Scholars Fund to introduce Medical Students and Residents to Geriatric Psychiatry

Donate Today

The Scholars Program can have a great impact on the future of geriatric psychiatry. Consider the following:

- In just four years, donations that fund this program, which introduces trainees to geriatric psychiatry, have tripled--a clear demonstration of the field's commitment to its future.

- Of the seven Honors Scholars at the 2010 meeting who received full benefits of the program, six went on to geriatric psychiatry fellowships.

- Many of today's geriatric psychiatrists were once participants of Stepping Stones, an earlier iteration of the current program.

The Scholars Program has introduced more than 100 trainees to the world of geriatric psychiatry by bringing them to the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry (AAGP) and providing mentors over the course of a year. This successful program is made possible thanks to generous donations from individuals to the Geriatric Mental Health Foundation's Scholars Fund. Please help the Foundation build this program by donating to the Scholars Fund, and donate today.

Be a Leader with a Named Scholarship

Those wishing to have the most impact are invited to donate for a named scholarship at $2,500, which provides full benefits to the program for one trainee. The donor may name the scholarship for him- or herself, a mentor, family member, or program that would benefit from additional name recognition. Those donating for named scholarships can be individuals, groups of individuals, or institutions. A reception at the Annual Meeting is held for high donors and the trainees who benefit, an enjoyable opportunity to meet and share insights into the field.

Please consider donating--your help may shape the future of the field and the availability of expert geriatric psychiatry clinicians, researchers, and educators for the future.

To make a contribution, give online, or call 301-654-7850 to receive a donation packet. Donations made to the Scholars Fund by September 30, 2013, will be used to support scholars at the 2014 AAGP Annual Meeting. Donations for a named Honors scholarship may be made in installments or submitted by a group of donors. To learn more, visit