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What is the Grassroots Network?

AAGP’s Partnership For Grassroots Advocacy allows interested and committed geriatric psychiatrists to communicate with their senators and representatives to show how the decisions they make in Washington, D.C., will affect what happens back home.

The involvement of individual geriatric psychiatrists is vital to the success of AAGP’s advocacy efforts at the federal level. You can give your federal legislators the most accurate picture of how the issues impact you and your patients. You, the constituents of the members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, can influence the federal legislation that impacts geriatric psychiatry. By participating in AAGP’s Partnership for Grassroots Advocacy, you play a crucial role in advancing AAGP’s legislative and regulatory agenda.

It’s a partnership for effective grassroots action:

  • between AAGP and you
  • between you and your senators and representatives.

As a member:

  • You will receive Action Alerts, Legislative Updates, and the Capitol Connection newsletter detailing specific legislative and regulatory issues that impact geriatric psychiatry, throughout the year.
  • AAGP will ask you to write, e-mail or phone your members of Congress to relay a specific message.

By communicating with your senators and representatives to explain how federal government policies impact the delivery of quality health care in the communities you
both serve, you become a vital link between policy and politics, between Washington, D.C., and the rest of the world, between statistical projections and reality.

Your voice, united with the voices of other geriatric psychiatrists across the country, sends a strong message to Congress.

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